Youth Groups


Overdrive is the youth ministry of Howell Community Church. We have a Friday night meeting at 6:00pm for grades 6 through 12.

Main goal of “Overdrive”:

To create a place in which students can feel free to be themselves, invite their friends, and learn about the Word of God in a way that they are able to understand and engage.


How do we do this?
       Through developing an atmosphere of love and acceptance while also teaching and instruction via relationships and creative bible study.

  • What are our minor goals?
  •        Fun: Fun is not our main goal but we hope to engage and interact in a way that allows for a good time to be had by all. Sometimes we will have specific times of just having fun, in which the goal will be to foster relationships. Fun is a necessary part of good relationships.

       Music: Music is also another great way in which to engage people and connect ourselves to the Lord. Music also provides opportunities for students to learn new skills and worship the Lord through their instruments.

Our upcoming Summer Schedule:
       With summer approaching, we will be making some changes and planning some events. The group will soon begin meeting on Sunday evening, from 3-5 PM, at the church building, NOT at the Lee's home. The setup of the meetings will be mostly the same as it is now. For now, this is the plan for the summer only. We will keep you posted on what's happening after the summer.


Here is a list of important upcoming dates (though this will be posted week-by-week on Facebook, as well.)


Fri., 5/29 - We will meet at Ice Cream on Rt. 9. Contact Tyler or Maygen if you need a ride.


Fri., 6/5, 6/12 - Meet at the Lee's at 6:00PM as usual.


Fri. 6/19 OR Sat. 6/20 - End of school year celebration! Details will be planned soon.


Sun., 6/28 - FIRST Sunday meeting, at the church building, 3:00PM-5:00PM. From this point forward, expect to meet at this time and place every Sunday, 3:00PM-5:00PM.


*Sun, 7/5 there will be no youth group due to the Bunk wedding.


7/17-7/24 - Life Training 2015. Those involved, another email has just been sent to you with relevant information.


Thank you all for your time reading this. Feel free to contact Tyler, Maygen, Manal, Chris, or Brian with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc.